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Harry Potter Class

Journal Entry: Fri May 17, 2013, 2:54 PM

So, I felt like I need to change this sucker, seeing as it's been more than a year. :P

I took the Harry Potter class at my school this semester. The class isn't always offered, as it is one of those class numbers that changes themes each semester. It's a trends and movements English class and from what I understand, the professor teaching it rotates the topic from The Graphic Novel, Harry Potter and Vampire Literature. However, my professor has stopped doing the vampire one because the students scared her. She said someone had implanted fangs. 0_o I really don't blame her.

In the beginning of the semester, we were put into one of the four Houses. Nothing complicated. Just draw a piece of paper from a bag. Completely random. Though, there were certain people that got into the houses that fit them. A red head got into Gryffindor, for example--it just wouldn't be right if a red head didn't! lol! I got Hufflepuff and for the life of me I couldn't remember who was in Hufflepuff in the series. I guess my mind blocked out all roles played by Robert Pattinson. : P REGARDLESS, Hufflepuff ended up winning the House Cup! What now, Gryffindor?! Boo yah! Gryffindor hasn't won the House Cup ever since this class was created--so, for about five years now.

We got points by answering a question based on the readings. Who got the question was decided by this Sorting Hat thing that's like a Magic Eight Ball, except with the House names on the die. Sometimes it would be listing stuff--could only look at our notes, it wasn't open book--like, name all the classes Harry, Ron, and Hermoine take. It got more technical as the semester went on. Some questions were, "Say what O.W.Ls the trio took and what were their scores?" (they had different classes and not all of their grades were listed so you had to be careful), "Who got what dragon in the Tri-wizard Tournament and say them in the order they went", "Who attended Dumbledore's funeral and what specific people were not there as mentioned in the book? (this included animals). The last question was worth a whomping 1,000 points and all Houses were given a piece of paper to write down the answers within 5 minutes. The question was, "Name all the characters that have died, including those who died before the series." The question wasn't difficult. It was more like, "You better list more than the other Houses or else!" since WE ALL had the chance to get points. We had like four people writing at the same time! Everyone else said names. We had four graduate student TAs for each House, so our House Head would be the one to keep the trophy. All and all, it was one of my fun classes this semester. The projects were pretty creative too.

I had only seen the movies (I know, shame on me) so this was the first time I read the books. I have to say, I enjoyed them, especially the last book. It was incredible to read how Harry and gang grow and mature, especially Neville, who started as this bumbling and low self-esteem kid to this awesome, tender guy carrying the dead and starting rebellions. Go Neville! Make your Granny proud!

I also liked the progression of Dumbledore and Harry's relationship. Just to clarify, I do not mean in a romantic love sense. There are multiple facets of love, and multiple ways in which people interact and relate with each other. Friendship, for an example, is a type of relationship. You are connected to that person through camaraderie and similar tastes. Back to the topic. It started off as Harry looking to Dumbledore for all the answers and he sees Dumbledore as flawless, like kids who hero worship their parents, a relative, firemen, Superman, etc. As the books progress, however, his image of Dumbledore slowly changes. When Dumbledore ignores Harry, Harry feels like he can't depend on him as much. Then it changes to something like a mentor-ship, as Dumbledore shows Harry memories, tells him information, and then asks Harry what he can infer. Later, with Dumbledore gone, Harry deals with the fact that Dumbledore was not as perfect as he thought. In the end, Harry and Dumbledore talk to each other as equals, no longer as child to adult, but as two adults face to face. Harry realizes that Dumbledore is only human, and has his flaws, but Harry still respects him on some level.

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